About Us

DeadCat Clothing, a brand new alternative based clothing & accessory start up. This line takes inspiration from Japanese street fashion, old-school goth and punk rock, and the festival scene. We contract & support fellow independent artists to create one of a kind DEADCAT Clothing graphic imagery via mixed mediums. We embroider, use acrylic paint, dye sublimate and hand sew all of our pieces. From classic bombers, to vintage style motorcycle jackets, all the way to patchwork & studded jackets, we make men's and women's merchandise to fit your personality.  We also have graphic T's, tie-dye goodies, jewelry, matching separates, and a ton of themed accessories.
DeadCat has been developing the 2017 line this past year plus collaborating with unique and eccentric artists such as: Dick Dangerly aka @billythekid223, @SqueekiArt aka Kiki DeVille's ink illustration project on a lot of our clothing, as well as sharing similar collaborations with Rolandos Art, Aurora Oz, The OG Pizza Thuggs, Jammin Inc and many more.